Monday, February 14, 2005

Red Ensign Standard #15

Its been a busy couple weeks in politics, hence its been a few solid weeks of blogging from my collegues in the Red Ensign Brigade. Foreign policy has reared its head and Ensigners have chimed in with their opinions, while the war of words over same sex marriage has continued on albiet at times beginning to resemble a marathon. However, as issues wax and wan there has been a diverse range of opinions throughout the Ensigners.

The Brigade brings together a motley crew of Conservatives in their big and small C varieties, classical liberals, libertarians, moderates, and others whom are best described as right wing or simply malcontent. The golden thread that always unites this group is a profound sense of patriotism, a love of country - love of Canada and the most sincere desire and belief that Canada can do better.

Some of us have been accused of "hating Canada" in the past or labelled as "too pro-American". Yet those who bandy about such accusations fail to fully consider why we remain and work for change, nor do they consider why the idea of more individual freedom, and a nation standing for principal and upon its own two feet is considered "foreign". The idea of integrity, principal, decency, hardwork, freedom and individualism are not "new" to Canada. They are rooted in our past, they are very much part of our collective identity as Canadians. However much the accolytes of Pierre Trudeau wish to white wash over the matter and claim that Canadian identity is nothing more than a few pieces of paper, big government, politeness and everything and anything (multicultualism). That isn't Canada, it never was. Canada has , a history, a past, an identity and it has the Red Ensign. So we must as Burke advised make our maxim "nitor in adversum" (I strive against opposition).

The Red Ensign Standard #15

Rue at Abraca-Pocus has discussed the French Canadian celebration of La Candelora, the existance of this custom at the end of winter was news to me. Rue also ventured into a discussion of the sacred and the profane in the sense of the interaction between monotheisim and supersition.

Absinthe and Cookies is sold on the Fox show "House", points out the UN is "neo-prohitionist", and dares the UN to come get her drink.

Paul at Frozen in Montreal is rejoicing over Howard Dean becoming leader of the DNC. Paul and I seem to agree that that victory couldn't have happened to a more annoying guy. However, Dean does seem to be a bit of a rainmaker when it comes to getting money out of the white guilt crowd so I'm not sure how happy we should be about this yet. Paul also points out in Siberia a tiger and lion successfully mated to give birth to liger. Strange but true? Or simply a rumour that's found its way into the papers..time will tell.

Dirtcrasher at Antroblogogy finds the mob like behaviour at a new Ikea in England ridiculous yet amusing and also discusses ordinance.

John and Dusty at Argghhhh! are ontop of the Eason Jordan story and points out that the blog has primarily become a check upon the punditry and "experts", grasping at any inane statement they make with the tenacity of a bulldog. Dusty is feeling bellicose about the idea of Iran with nukes.

Damian at Babbling Brooks (the Babbler), has a round up and a few insights on Chretien's attempted slight of hand at the Gomery Inquiry. He urges us to keep our eyes on the ball, that millions of dollars were funnelled to Liberal allies in Adfirms who then kicked it back to the Liberal Party, and ignore Chretien's political theatre. Damian also points out that Hugo Chavez is just a younger Castro with oil. Nor does he buy the "suposedly" free and fair elections there where only 1% of the vote was monitored. He also accusses the left of being too willing to offer a free pass to anyone who hates America.

Chris and Dennis at Blue Tory (with Dennis being a silent partner in the blog) have noted the frivolous raising of the minimum wage here in Alberta (where things really are better). Chris of course points out that raising the minimum wage leads to fewer jobs. Chris also wonders how Steven Harper and Paul Martin shall fair in being reaffirmed in their positions as leaders of their respective parties.

Andrew at Bound by Gravity discusses the ethics of Wal-Mart, he believes their well within their rights to close a unionized store which compromises their profit margin. Andrew also makes the very valid point that should we really be trying to drive up the wages of a place like Wal-Mart so people try to make a career of bagging groceries? He implies - no, I concurr. Andrew also takes the criminal justice system to task for being far too indulge of obvious criminal acts.

Huck at BumfOnline compares Lincoln's idealism regarding slavery to Bush's regarding democracy. He also points outs that those persuing the ideal are so often slighted as being "simplistic" he notes that Lincoln suffered many of the same criticisms as Bush. I think Reagan might know a thing about that too. He also points out that the Gomery Inquiry is about to get down to following the money.

Bob and Dana at Canadian Comment relay Bernard Lewis' analogy about the spread of Wahhabism from Saudi Arabia. If the Klan or Aryan Nations controlled Texas and began to endow churches throughout Christendom...a harsh analogy but Bernard Lewis is one of the foremost middle eastern scholars. This seems to follow up a previous comment on the detrimental effect dictatorships have on the world.

The Candepundit remains dormant.

Chris at ChrisCam goes beyond simply condemning Jordan Eason and condemns the entire Davos Conference as an arrogant, elitist exercise. Chris also has mixed feelings over the latest forthcoming royal wedding.

Rebbecca at Doxology relays some facts regarding the definition of marriage, and also has a number of thoughts on Lent.

Darcy at Dust My Broom has an axe to grind with affirmative action programs, he also has a related and scathing post on minorities demanding segregated education.

Steve at Enter Stage Right considers the recent SES poll. He also notes Howard Dean's acclaimation as DNC chair and hopes he will provide a more reasonable direction for the Democrats than his predecessor. Although I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on that one.

Alan at Gen X at 40 has some ruminations on the future of hockey and more specifically Bettman's many failings. He's also a touch upset that the Chrieten government paid $13000 in fees to a consultant to purchase 480 neckties for $46,000.

James at Hammer into Anvil is on a simmilair line of thought expressing disgust with Liberal flunkies collecting outrageous fees to provide trinkets. He also dismisses the notion that Iraq is a "quagmire". was experiencing technical difficulties at the time the ensign was raised.

John the Mad has an insightful post on Lent. He also rages against the media's manipulation of the same sex marriage issue, and its transparent left wing liberal bais. Its a top notch rant, they don't call him "the mad" for nothing.

Just Between Us Girls is taking a break from blogging.

Keith at Minority of One has some thoughts on the history of blogs. He also speculates about Lansdowne Technologies having a sweeter deal with the Canadian government than Haliburton could ever dream about in the US. He also notes that the Canadian blogsphere seems to be leaning towards partisan strife.

Jason at Musings has considered the shaky situation with a nuclear North Korea and comments on the Wal-Mart closure in Quebec in response to unionization. Jason is up for an anti-boycotte, he doesn't really need anything from Wal-Mart at the moment but he's going to buy something as a show of solidarity.

Dr.Funk at Musings of a Canadian Slacker appears to be slacking not blogging.

Myrick considers how rich he on a global percentile.

Nathan of Nathan's Updates from Seoul has a photo tour of Gyeongbokgung as well as some pictures of the Catholic seminary in Seoul.

Curt at NorthWesternWinds has an interesting post on the Left's new view of the social contract. He also has some thoughts on the problem of "progress". Curt also directs us to Jason Kenney's remarks on human rights, and his distaste for the media toadying to Chretien. He has a priceless quote in this last post stating "Y'all need to get out more is all I'm sayin'. There's life outside of Starbucks, The Star and the CBC radio." So true true and we all know exactly the sort of people your talking about.

Alan at Occam's Carbuncle mocks the rational for sex ed and decides that since teenagers are also committing crimes we ought to teach them the "right way to commit crimes". I think that's called social studies Alan where they exort students to join the Liberal Party of Canada. He's also a might bit irked at the provincial government's backslapping advertising over a smoking ban.

Nicholas at Quotulatiousness is in fine form mocking the pretentions of leftist European elitists, after all whom is more deserving of mockery than they? (Jack Layton aside) Nicholas also worries over bioengineering.

Ray at Raging Kraut stakes out a position on SSM, mostly because he's irked that its being used to distract from Adscam and its being rammed down the public's throat. He also has a poigant post on sailing.

Paul of Ravishing Light, turns out to be a former Wal-Mart employee and doesn't understand the fuss over how they treat their employees. He suggests that unionization is simply a socialist thrist for an ideological victory and cheers on the anti-boycotte. He also suggests that Rick Mercier used to be funny until he sold his soul to the government's agenda.

Peter at Rempelia Prime is a big fan of Ted Morton's Court Party thesis. He also notes that Jason Kenney needs a heavy dose of platitudes to sell his message in "Lemming World(Ontario)". He also has some arguments against SSM.

Rightjab is AWOL.

Jay at Shiny Happy Gulag writes a scathing polemic against extending the franchise to 15 year olds. He also rages against SSM and the seemingly endless stream of pet lefty causes. No one ever has to ask Jay how he really feels.

Ben at Skreet Skreet Skreet observes that Bin Ladin's film maker is sueing Michael Moore for using his footage. Does this remind anyone else of the old addage that "evil always turns against itself"? Ben also discusses a recent speaking engagement done by Stockwell Day which he attended.

Stephen Taylor produces some graphs concerning the partisan percentage of political donations given by the CBC board of directors and Via Rail's as well. Unsurprisingly those who recieve from Mother Government, give to Mother Government in monolithic proportions. Stephen also has a few snide words about "GI J...Hostage".

Striving Against Opposition has some of the latest cutting edge commentary on a series of Canadian and international events...(narcisim stiffled). In all seriousness if you want to see what I've been up too scroll down.

Chris at Taylor and Company offers a defense and explaination of social conservatism. He also discusses art.

Jay at the Freeway to Serfdom takes on the various abhorent policies of the Nanny State with his usual zealous libertarian angst. He also wonders how Germany manages to go on with its miserable state of employment and almost complete lack of individual responsibility.

Thomas at the Green Baron has gotten engaged. Congradulations Thomas.

Kate at The Last Amazon is disgusted with Famous Players wading into the SSM when people simply want to be entertained not preached at. She also offers a healthy dose of skepticism towards the current efforts to achieving some sort of progress in the Holy Land. I tend to concur, its too soon to say whether any genuine progress will be had.

The crew over at The London Fog can hardly contain their satirical glee in mocking the fact that 43% of Ontario couldn't determine what they liked most about Dalton McGuinty. They also are holding an intrablog debate on abortion, you can find the opposition too here and in support of here.

The Meatman at the Meatriachy exhorts us all to Wal-Mart solidarity to support that gleaming bastion of capitalism. He also points out that studies show the male brain is 4% faster. We're number 1, we're number 1...goooooo phallus!

The Monger casts Chretien in the role of a doctor and Canada in the role of a defrauded patient. He also directs us to the Christopher Hitchens top 10. Hitchens has to be everyone's favourite lefty, well at least those of us on the right. The good doctor also explains his deep and abiding hatred for Chretien.

The Phantom Observer brings us several amusing remarks from the House of Commons, found here and here. He also has some observations on the waxing and wanning of Canadian foreign policy (mostly wanning).

Ben at The Tiger in Winter is in Katmandu! He has updates on his trip here and here.

Tipper at Tipperography has her take on the forthcoming royal marriage. She also wades into current developments on the Israeli - Palestinian crisis and is mildly cyncial about what's currently going on.

Jaeger at Trudeaupia is bang on in his assessment that a "National Day Care Program" is nothing more than a liberal attempt to cultivate another group of dependents on a government program. Jaeger also snickers at Pettigrew being snubbed in Syria, another victory for soft power!

Temujin of West Coast Chaos describes his hatred of lottery tickets. He also humbly requests divine intervention in the destruction of the UN. Heck if God rid the world of the UN I'd be in church every Sunday giving thanks.

Happy Valentine's Day all, and I'm spent...


At 5:24 a.m., Blogger Nathan said...

Thank you for your good work, here, Chris!

At 6:27 a.m., Blogger Curt said...

I have only had time for a very quick look at your work Chris, but I think North Western Winds is missing from this edition. I'll give it a better look after work.

At 6:47 a.m., Blogger Andrew said...

It's in there Curt.

Great edition Chris!

At 7:51 a.m., Blogger hayzhold said...

Nice work Chris!

Hey Curt, you're addicted.

"Just one quick look before work, then I'll be ok" 8o).

At 8:45 a.m., Blogger Babbling Brooks said...

Well done, Chris. It's one heck of a lot of work these days putting this beast together. Good on you for taking the task on.

At 8:47 a.m., Anonymous Nicholas said...

It never fails. Just as someone gets busy pulling together the huge amount of material involved in Raising the Red Ensign, I predictably go into slo-mo, leaving little but the daily quotes. Great job, Chris. Thanks for taking this on!

At 10:54 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet those who bandy about such accusations fail to fully consider why we remain and work for change, nor do they consider why the idea of more individual freedom, and a nation standing for principal and upon its own two feet is considered "foreign". The idea of integrity, principal, decency, hardwork, freedom and individualism are not "new" to Canada. It's principle, dammit! Principle! With an -le!

Sorry for the nitpicking, but this is one of my grammatical pet peeves.

At 1:04 p.m., Blogger Temujin said...

Your efforts have not been in vain. Thank you for your fantastic work.

At 2:32 p.m., Blogger Curt said...

Sorry for being both blind and in a big hurry. ;-)

At 5:55 p.m., Blogger Sue said...

Great job at putting these Standard up. A lot of work, no doubt, but well appreciated. I always enjoy reading what the other Canadian conservatives are up to. =)

At 6:28 p.m., Blogger CharLeBois said...

Check out where you get stuff to really show off your Red Ensign pride!

At 5:18 a.m., Blogger Myrick said...

Thanks for the great job and the linkage. Although you missed the new site. My blogspot site is now dead.

At 9:41 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ligers are well-established crossbreeds; some have even been seen on the Tonight Show. They're sterile, biger than lions or tigers, and never stop growing until they die from overgrowth (since they don't get a growth-inhibitor gene from either parent. Tigons, on the other hand, are smaller than lions or tigers, since they get a grwoth inhibitor from each parent.)

At 12:18 p.m., Blogger Trodwell said...

Great work as usual, Chris. Those of us over here at RightThinkingPeople are new to the game, and always enjoy the roundup. Drop by if you have a moment.

Congrats as well on the Insta-Link from Professor Glen; "Carnival of Canadians" is as good a name as any!

At 9:38 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

While there may be differences in usage (US v. Canadian), I feel relatively certain that, in your introductory remarks, you have used "principal" twice when you meant "principle."

At 7:52 p.m., Anonymous morfiny said...

What is the Red Ensign Brigade. it is my flag, i was born under it, so I am keen to enlist in getting it back high over Ottawa and all over Canada.

At 8:53 a.m., Blogger TS said...

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