Saturday, February 12, 2005

Side rant - We can put a man on the Moon but Pizza Hut can't get a Pizza to a University Residence because it doesn't have a Street Adress

This is a diversion from politics and the exercise of my owner personal perogative to be slightly petty. Pizza Hut seems to be using a call centre to place their orders, they also seem to have a people in a call centre who don't have a clue as to what their doing. I live in a residence on a university campus and they can't get a pizza to me because I don't have a street adress.

Them:"Where is that then?"

Me: "It's on the university campus, and a service road leads from the street to it, it does not have a street adresss."

Them: "Where is the university? What's the university's adress"

Me: "You do realize that the university takes up a large number of city blocks and is fairly hard to miss don't you? I happen to be off X street on the campus."

THEM: "Hmm..we need to put in an exact street adress into our system. I'll ask the supervisor."

Me: "Fine"

Them: "Hello, this is the supervisor...our system can't accept an adress without a street number."

Me: "So your basically saying your system doesn't believe where I live exists."

Them: "No we believe you but we can't make our system work."

Me: "You do realize you have competitors who get here just fine and that by doing this your losing business."

Them: "We can't make our computers do that."

Me: "You have a store fifteen minutes from here..."

Them: "Sorry our computer program won't let us."

Me: "Fine, I'll go to your competitors since you obviously can't do something as simple as getting a pizza to where I live."

*Chris then hangs up and phones Dominos who CAN figure out how to get him his damn pizza. Capitalism works.*


At 12:52 p.m., Blogger Brent Colbert said...

If you promise not to tell, I used to be a Manager for the Hut in Ottawa and we would get calls from the UofO campus all the time and we would make up any crazy story of why we couldn't deliver there. For every successful order there would be a minimum of one bogus order.


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